Spread in the Central Montana Travel Planner

by Fire Girl Jess on January 28, 2015

central_MT_travel_planner_FGPA few days ago, I was excited to receive a copy of the 2015 Central Montana Travel Planner with a familiar image of an oh-so-familiar place taking up a full spread in the book.

Two summers ago, working the season at Headhunters Fly Shop on the Missouri River in Montana, days off were rare. When they came, they were often filled with runs into town for groceries, errands, and the other necessities of a grown-up life. The good days, though, were spent on the river, fishing, camera close at hand. This image came on one such day off; I had run into Great Falls for groceries, and after I stopped back at the hut in Cascade saw the evening light was looking promising. I jumped in the Fire Girl Subaru and headed south on the frontage road. Mountain Palace was the destination, and I clambered up the rock walls in flip-flops and a summer dress, camera at hand. After over a half hour of waiting, the pink light I had been waiting for arrived, and one of my favorite image series was captured.

Some days you just can’t beat the magic of good light.

Thanks to the gang at the Central Montana Travel Planner for the partnership!


Chi Wulff’s Vermont Chronicles: Rain and Fire

by Fire Girl Jess on January 26, 2015

Joseph Pinkard changes flies on a brisk winter day.

Joseph Pinkard changes flies on a brisk winter day.

Finally made it back to the computer after a rather packed weekend at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi—I was floored by the amount of you who said you read the blog and follow me here, on Chi Wulff, and assorted other sites. Loved meeting new folks and seeing old friends. Thanks so much for the support; you make this all worth it!

Despite the fact we were working the show, the Orvis crew managed to make Sunday a pretty fun birthday. It’s all about who you are with, and it’s possible to have fun doing just about anything, anywhere. Perspective is key.

We’re getting ready for a winter storm up here in the Northeast (the panic is kind of fun to watch), which gives me a few hours to catch up on business that piled up over the weekend. Shipped a print order out this morning—two 20″ x 30″ prints going to a good home in New Hampshire, and had a new publication show up with some familiar photography on the pages. It’s all fun, and the trade show was a good reminder that, despite the sometimes-maybe-often-drama, this is a pretty damn fun (and interesting) industry to be in.

The traditional Vermont Chronicles post ran on Chi Wulff this Sunday—head on over and give it a read. For you Northeast readers, pictures of ice and snow seem particularly apt.

Cheers, all. More posts coming your way in a few days.

Two 20" x 30" prints heading to a good home.

Two 20″ x 30″ prints heading to a good home.


Escaping into the Ice

by Fire Girl Jess on January 20, 2015

Jackie Jordan tests the ice.

Testing the ice.

Winter is setting in, bringing cabin fever in full measure. I’m madly planning to year’s trips, resting sure in the fact that the entire world isn’t grey and cold and there are indeed fish-laden tropical places still in the far reaches of the map.

I was lucky enough to sneak out with a few friends from Orvis to fish one of our open local rivers this past weekend. No fish—none of us had any bumps to speak of—but we had fun and I was able to take the new camera on its maiden voyage. As always, new tech takes a while to learn intimately. We’ve passed that awkward initial “what’s up?” phase and are entering into the “getting to know you” timeframe.

More about the day’s fishing to come on Chi Wulff next Sunday.

Getting ready to head down to the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey this Thursday though Sunday. If you are around over the weekend, come find me and say hi!

Fire is a good remedy for cold days fishing.

Fire is a good remedy for cold days on the water.

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Today on the Open Fly Podcast

by Fire Girl Jess on January 15, 2015

openflyI was excited to be a guest on the Open Fly Podcast today, talking about photography and the fishing industry (and just blathering on, it seems. Next time I will pre-game with coffee!). The Upper Missouri Waterkeepers are also featured—an awesome new organization. Check out their website for more info.

Huge thanks to the Open Fly guys for having me on!


Southern Culture on the Fly: On the Road with the Fire Girl

by Fire Girl Jess on January 12, 2015

scof_blogHands down, the best part of this job is being able to work with some pretty awesome people. For whatever reason, fly-fishing, travel, photography… they all seem to draw cool folks.

I was stoked to collaborate with all-around awesome e-mag Southern Culture on the Fly for a feature in their winter edition, perhaps fittingly dubbed “The Winter of Our Discontent.” These guys rock for a lot of reasons, chiefly being they simply do not take themselves too seriously.

Give it a read—you’ll see what I mean.

Thanks to the good guys at SCOF for letting me steal a few pages!


Today on Chi Wulff

by Fire Girl Jess on January 11, 2015

McGlothlin_Slush_HikeAs you’ve likely come to expect, a new installment of The Vermont Chronicles has landed on Chi Wulff today. It’s a black and white week, so go check it out.

I was also lucky enough to nab the Pic of the Day, accompanied by a pretty awesome (and spot-on) write-up by Chi Wulff Mark. As he noted, some people just look the part, and Duck, who I met while producing a photo shoot for Orvis on the Missouri River, is legit. A gentleman, a hell of an angler, and just an all-around good guy. And he photographs well, too.


Five Tips for Travel Fishing Photography in Orvis

by Fire Girl Jess on January 7, 2015

flyfishing_travel_photog_OrvisPick up the latest Orvis travel catalog (hot off the press as of last week) for some quick tips on how to capture your best fly-fishing travel photography. (And check out a lot of cool trips that need to go on your bucket list!)