Overlooking the Gallatin River, southwestern Montana.

Overlooking the Gallatin River, southwestern Montana.

Tried a little something different for this week’s Vermont Chronicles on ChiWulff. Some photo tips this week to help you prepare for the oncoming change of season.

Winter, as they say, is coming.

I just spent the day out shooting sporting clays (with both camera and gun) with some friends, old and new. When I got home and it took a steamy shower and hot soup to defrost, it was a sure sign chilly weather is incoming.

Head on over to Chi Wulff for some tips on how to manage gear in cold weather.

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Chi Wulff Vermont Chronicles: Of Leaves

by Fire Girl Jess on October 12, 2014

Color during an exploratory hike yesterday.

Color during an exploratory hike yesterday.

The requisite fall photographs have now made their way onto Chi Wulff. Head on over and check it out.


Fall Advances

by Fire Girl Jess on October 9, 2014

Fall_VT-3 2Fall is here in full force. It’s brisk and breezy and I’m currently swathed in my beat-up Patagonia Nano Puff and a scarf. And I have a sudden, rather explicable urge to swing streamers. It’s been a busy week thus far; here’s a brief hit list:

  • Fishing at least once a day. Can report lots of lovely little brookies.
  • Writing for most hours of the day. Whether at Orvis or at home, new projects keep popping up and I found myself whacking out 1,000 words for a freelance piece before even leaving for the office this morning (coffee is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and I’ve learned I can type with one hand and down oatmeal with the other).
  • New travel on the horizon. More details to come later.
  • Foliage is moving from yellow to orange. I find this strangely exciting as it now almost looks like the hills are smoldering. Some subliminal part of my mind keeps looking for a helitack crew to crest the treeline.
  • Rediscovering my love/hate relationship with landscape photography (see previous point).
  • Discovered a tv show character (I have to listen to something when processing images at midnight, and while I don’t have a television, Netflix can be lovely background noise) who used the words “malfeasance” and “gumption” in the same conversation. Think I found a new (and fictional) best friend.

And that about wraps up the week. I’m working on a plethora of projects that will be hitting the magazine circuit this winter and the coming spring, and thoroughly enjoying having the hard-hitting journalist hat on for a while. Gotta have a little fun once and a while.Fall_VT-210352391_10152713755594827_7258312637295034481_n


Vermont Chronicles on Chi Wulff: The Magic of Rivers

by Fire Girl Jess on October 5, 2014

I went off on a bit of a tangent for this week’s Vermont Chronicles. Head on over to Chi Wulff to check it out.

A native brook trout caught in a Green Mountain stream.

A native brook trout caught in a Green Mountain stream.


Today’s Rounds: Gear Junkie and a TFM Shout-Out

by Fire Girl Jess on October 1, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 6.42.32 PMCouple of notes from today. First off, it’s October and I’m firmly ensconced sipping tea after an evening of fog / grey skies / foliage photography. The camera got dirty, my boots got grimy, and my flannel kept me warm.

Content, in a word.

Second, head on over to Gear Junkie and check out the latest piece I wrote and photographed for the site. It’s the Grayl water filtration system, and it’s pretty awesome.

Third, huge thanks to Cam Mortenson at The Fiberglass Manifesto for a very kind mention on the blog today. Made my week. TFM a great site celebrating all things fishing and fiberglass… check it out.


Getting Back to My Roots

by Fire Girl Jess on September 30, 2014

leaves_3leaves_1Photography roots, that is. While this past weekend’s trip was an epic fail from a fishing perspective (extremely long story), it did provide some much-needed down time on the river. Friday afternoon I loaded up the Suby and made the drive up north to the Adirondacks. Somehow time on the road is always the best thinking time, and the travel in of itself was basically a considerable mental jaywalk.

In what has become typical Fire Girl style, I drove around the area until I saw something that looked interesting, and then got out and explored.

Thirty minutes later I had shucked my Teva flip flops and wet waded, barefoot, to a large rock in the middle of the Au Sable River, both the camera bag and a duffel of commercial products I needed to shoot in tow. I spread out, explored a bit, and went to work. After shooting the commercial gigs (more on that to come later) I just played.

The results of which you see here.

Rivers are a pretty awesome canvas.

And water makes me so happy.

It was pretty wonderful to have an afternoon not chasing assignments and fulfilling client lists. Just shooting for myself. Need to do that more often.

And, hey, the issues that made the trip a fishing fail? Being turned into an informational ethics article for a national fishing publication.

There’s always an upside. Sometimes you’ve just got to dig for it.leaves_2leaves_4


On Chi Wulff: The Vermont Chronicles, Sandanona Game Fair

by Fire Girl Jess on September 28, 2014

Shaking hands before the start of the sporting clays competition.

Shaking hands before the start of the sporting clays competition.

It’s Sunday. That means it’s time for a Vermont Chronicles post on Chi Wulff. This time? A bit less fish and scenery, a bit more guys and guns. And, yeah, a bit of tweed (it’s the NE).

Head on over and give it a read.