Today on Chi Wulff: Talking Bass and Redds

by Fire Girl Jess on August 30, 2015

IMG_6836Head on over to Chi Wulff for my weekly post. This week: talking bass on poppers and the ethics of fishing over redds.


Maine Mornings

by Fire Girl Jess on August 29, 2015

McGlothlin_Kennebunk-12After a rather unexpectedly hectic week, finally getting around to posting these images here on the blog. Headed up to the Maine coast a few weeks ago for a business meeting and then a morning of shooting in the little town of Kennebunk. After camping out in the back of the Subaru for an early start, I got up before the dawn and found my spot.

There’s hardly anything more satisfying—and more peaceful—in life than watching the dawn break. Light moves from inky black to velvet blue to rich purple, eventually giving way to the pinks, oranges, and finally the yellows of dawn. It’s a new day, new possibilities, new adventures. It’s even better when you wake up blindly in a new place and see it for the first time by that morning light.



New Clips from Orvis

by Fire Girl Jess on August 21, 2015

Just saw a couple familiar shots I’ve taken for Orvis come across social media this afternoon. I’m always amazed at the time it can take for images to go from being shot to actually making it out to the world in print, and it’s fantastic to see how they’re used!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 5.20.36 PMThe first, shared by model / fly angler Phoebe Bean on Instagram, is from a shoot I produced and shot for Orvis this April in Montana. Four girls on a fishing road trip in an old Land Cruiser… a recipe for long days,  good times, and shenanigans. The story has appeared, along with an essay I wrote, in Orvis storytelling books and a few catalogs, and should see more usage this fall.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 5.16.46 PMThe second is from a shoot I did at the Orvis Sandanona Game Fair last fall in New York’s Hudson River Valley. The event, reminiscent of the large game fairs of Europe, includes a large trade show, sporting clays competitions, and all manner of interesting people watching.


SUPs and Carp Today on Chi Wulff

by Fire Girl Jess on August 16, 2015

CWVC16A_McGlothlin_carp_SUP_h4Talking stand-up paddleboard fly fishing and carp today on Chi Wulff.


Latest Published Work

by Fire Girl Jess on August 12, 2015

It’s been a busy week; lots of new work hitting the ground and generating commentary. My favorite part of the job will always be going out and making images, especially since that’s a such small percentage of the actual time spent running the business. The truly awesome thing about photography is you actually have to be there; there’s no making this stuff up. You have to freeze while wading that river, pray that rickety old helicopter doesn’t crash, and watch your six for that shark that’s a little too curious. Photography doesn’t happen at a desk.

Mostly, though, it’s a lot of chasing emails and phone calls, long nights editing (1AM, 3AM, and 5AM alarm clocks last night to nurse a massive export along), and querying new projects. Maybe the time actually spent outside making images is so precious because it’s such an escape from the day-to-day of running a business. So it’s pretty damn fun to see it all come together on the page.

Here’s the latest, released this week:

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.12.10 PM• Orvis released the new fall lookbook. This is a piece we’ve been working on internally, and it has a feature from my spring Montana “road trip” photo shoot. Check it out here (the Montana work starts on page 26).

• An article I wrote last fall after witnessing anglers actively target spawning fish in the Adirondacks finally made it to print in American Angler. Sometimes things bother you enough you’ve just got to write about it. This piece is generating a lot of commentary, and for good reason. If you don’t know how to recognize a redd or when the spawning season is, take the time to educate yourself. Please. Otherwise you may find your boots crushing the next generation of fish.

crop-9IMG_6734 2• Got a look at a photo feature that ran in Canada’s Fly Fusion magazine this spring. Titled “Seasons of Familiar Water,” the piece features images from Montana to Vermont, covering some of my favorite places with some of my favorite folks.

Gore-Tex Hunt & Fish gear just featured one of my recent underwater images from Alaska as their photo of the week on Instagram! This bruiser of a king salmon posed oh-so-nicely for the shot.

• The good gang over at Midcurrent was kind enough to feature me in their newsletter today.

More projects coming your way soon. Thanks to everyone who makes this work possible—without you it wouldn’t be happening. Shout out to my partners and sponsors, and to everyone who helps bring these images together!


Mountain Outlaw Contest and the Weekly Chi Wulff Hit

by Fire Girl Jess on August 10, 2015

VC_JMM_9AugH1We’re getting to the end of the Mountain Outlaw portrait contest—wraps up 1 September. The portrait of fish-savvy Duck doing his thing on the Missouri River is still leading (barely!), but if you don’t mind clicking a few buttons, please head over and click away. You can vote once per day through the end of the month. Thanks, gang!

Talked about an interesting recent fly shop interaction yesterday on Chi Wulff, and it’s drawn plenty of discussion. Head on over for a few paragraphs and some brookie pictures.

Had a fun day out chasing carp via stand-up paddle boards yesterday; editing over the next few days. Look for some pics coming your way soon.


Belize Shots

by Fire Girl Jess on August 8, 2015

Belize_OWas cruising the Orvis website the other day and found these familiar shots from last fall’s shoot in Belize. Always fun to see shots placed and in use. Ready for another dose of tropical.

Heading out for a SUP / fishing shoot tomorrow… excited to see how it comes together. It’s been a couple years since the last SUP shoot, stalking carp on Holter Lake back home in Montana, and it was pretty damn fun. Stay tuned. Next weekend I’m heading up to Maine to shoot a couple of surfside / lifestyle projects; bit of a here, there, and everywhere. Trying to knock out the Northeastern projects before the cold months!

Look for the regular Vermont Chronicles post tomorrow on Chi Wulff; expecting this one to draw a bit of conversation.

Hope everyone’s out playing this weekend!