Austin Street Art

by Fire Girl Jess on January 6, 2012

I’ve finally had a bit of time to sit at the computer and wade through photography files.  This image is part of a six-piece series I took last summer in downtown Austin.  Street art is prevalent in downtown; it only adds to the “keep Austin weird” vibe that the area so avidly portrays.

If there’s one thing Austinites love, it’s their musicians.  Willie Nelson is somewhat of a folk hero in the area.

The streets were packed and the hardest part of the day was waiting for people to clear so I could have a clean line to these pillars on an old theatre.  I ended up simply setting up and waiting for the traffic to drop; the entire series of six took no less than two hours to shoot.  Much of the time was spent self-teaching how to bounce light off the neighboring buildings.

Somehow that was never too much of a problem on the rivers of Montana.

You’ve got to make do with what you’ve got available.

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