On the Road… Once Again

by Fire Girl Jess on May 3, 2012

The endless nothingness of West Texas. Nine hours of driving to get out of the state.

It’s official.  I’m out of Texas and starting this big adventure.

Fifteen hours on the road today and 1,000 miles.  I’m holed up in a little hotel in Farmington, New Mexico and hoping to make it to Boise tomorrow.  All the gear, clothing, and equipment I need for an indeterminate number of months is packed into the Subaru and I’m blasting across the highway at speeds that make me hope I can talk my way out of a ticket.

Gear on the road.

Three days on the road by myself is giving me a plethora of forced thinking time.  Some times it’s good, some times it’s not so good.  Life’s been so crazy the past month that I really haven’t had much time to sort through things… it’s been more like a triage situation.

Today was filled with lots of internal dialogue.  And creative planning time.

And maybe just a bit of on-the-road photography.  Driving and shooting iPhone pics simultaneously may not be the brightest move, but sometime’s you’ve just got to.

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