Pacific Afternoon

by Fire Girl Jess on May 7, 2012

An old man walks through the mist along the Pacific Ocean on the Olympic Peninsula.

After three days of somewhat manic driving I’ve arrived in Washington…. and have come to the conclusion that sleep is overrated.

I’ve been too busy exploring the area, helping to host a party, and purchasing some final items for the Ponoi packing list to even give exhaustion much of a thought. Espresso beans have become my new best friend.

This morning Chi Wulff Mark and I made the run out onto the Olympic Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean.

A Pacific afternoon. Birds sun on the rocks; look for a seal head in the foreground.

It’s been well over ten years since I’ve seen the Pacific and, I must say, it puts the Gulf of Mexico to shame.  In the warm light of a rare sunny day here in northwestern Washington (it’s in the 60’s and locals have tank tops and shorts on – I’ve seen Texans sporting down jackets in the same weather) the ocean looked unusually inviting.  It was relatively calm and swells were kept to a minimum, though the cool water temperatures created a steamy layer of light fog along the shore.

The Olympic Peninsula is astounding.  Green and mountainous, the area gets more than ten times the annual rain than Austin receives.  The moss and ferns remind me of Glacier National Park, but the slight tang of sea salt in the air is a startling reminder that I’m not in Montana any more.

Quite a change from the desert of central Texas.

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HJ Queen May 10, 2012 at 22:04

Amazing pictures. I have always wanted to visit Washington state and never have. I may need to now.


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