Matador Network: The Allure of Fly Fishing in Ten Images From Around the World

by Fire Girl Jess on April 10, 2017

Thrilled to partner with the Matador Network to talk about why we do this weird travel-fish-adventure thing:

“The allure of fly-fishing takes many forms. It’s said anglers go through an arc of reasons why they fish — beginners enjoy simply being on the water. Intermediate anglers start counting numbers of fish in a day. Advanced intermediates count fish but also start “headhunting” — looking for that large trophy fish that will make his Instagram shot the talk of the day. Advanced anglers travel, looking for exotic species they’ve only seen in images of movies. And then the lifetime anglers — the ones who will never give it up — those diehard souls come full circle and just fish for the sheer joy of being on the water.

Personally, fly-fishing has been a vehicle to see the world. I’ve worked in many aspects of the industry, and now find a home in photographing adventure travel and fly-fishing around the world. Fishing is an excuse to travel; a reason to meet people I otherwise would never have chanced upon, to see waters and villages I’d never otherwise have a reason to travel towards, to experience the world in an entirely new way. And sure, somehow I always manage to pick up a rod when on location. But it’s rarely the “fishy” memories that resurface… it’s the random airport meetings in small-town Belize, the laughter in remote Russian tundra camps, and the giddiness that comes from chasing a storm on a flats skiff and, thoroughly drenched, wondering what the world is going to throw at me next.”

See the images and the stories here.

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flint_sail77 April 10, 2017 at 19:37

Making me wish I was out on the water right now. Fantastic to see flyfishing getting mainstream media coverage. Well done!


Fire Girl Jess April 10, 2017 at 19:37

Cheers, thanks for that.


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