by Fire Girl Jess on September 11, 2017

Several summers ago I found wandering the streets of New York by myself, camera bag hooked over my shoulder. My steps led me to the 9/11 site and what I thought was a few minutes quickly turned into a few hours.

This image is a little soft, a little shaky — I was a little shaky. And somehow it fits. I was 13 when the towers fell, and promptly was written up in school for leaving a class campout in Glacier National Park to go listen to President Bush address the nation. It had been a bad fire year — somewhat reminiscent of this one, 16 years later — and an exhausted hotshot crew was parked across the road, standing around their rig listening to the address. They didn’t mind a ranch kid from Kalispell joining in to listen… and somehow the ash and smoke in the air from our wildfires matched the mood.

Take a moment today to reflect.

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