Equestrian: An Athletic Partnership | Life Refined Magazine

by Fire Girl Jess on December 4, 2017

Really loved writing this piece (and pulling images from my own archives) on luxury lifestyle / wealth management publication Life Refined. Long ago in a galaxy far away, I used to make a living on this side of the equestrian world, and it’s still near and dear. The feeling of being atop 1,600 pounds of horse over a five-foot jump isn’t easily described, but I gave it a go:

“It’s oddly quiet as 1,600 pounds of horse flies six feet into the air, clearing the massive jump with ease. The one-two-three beat of the canter is broken by a sharp intake of breath—the only sign of the impressive effort taking place on the grassy field before me—and then the massive bay horse lands with a similar expulsion of air, ears already pricked toward the next fence further down the field. The nimble beat resumes as horse and rider make their way to the next obstacle, the coiled energy of every stride somehow reminiscent of a large, predatory cat…

[Final paragraph] Ears pricked, nostrils flaring, pace quietly competent, a large gray horse canters past in the warm-up ring, looking for all the world like he’s clocking in for a day of work. Work that he loves, work that he knows. There’s an ease to the way his alert ears flick back and forth from his rider to the surroundings, like he’s taking in the scenery while keeping the job foremost in his mind. Seasoned riders say some horses are bred to the job and do, indeed, love to work, claiming that the mounts get bored without the challenge of work. Taking in the ring before me, filled with several top-level horses from around the world, I can’t help but agree.”

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