Image courtesy of Dry Fly Media.

Jess McGlothlin has always had an affinity for the outdoors and travel. Growing up in various locations across the United States and playing in the wide-open spaces of the West, Jessica calls Montana home.

She is a passionate writer and photographer who brings a unique, energetic perspective and approach to her work. Her written word is bold, bright, and honest. Based in Bozeman, Montana, Jess works freelance but loves to travel and is available any time, any place for assignments.

Current clients include Patagonia, Costa Sunglasses, Orvis, YETI, Hatch, and a host of other outdoor and fly-fishing companies. On the editorial side, you can see my work in The New York Times, Outside, The Fly Fish Journal, FlyLife (Australia), Fieldsports (UK), and a host of other publications and websites around the world. I both write and photograph, and on assignments typically am utilized in both roles, allowing for a clearer, more in-depth reportage. You can view more work, including written clips and published photo essays, here.

Her work has been featured in gallery shows in Russia, the U.S., Germany and Israel.

She is a member in good standing of Lightstalkers, the National Press Photographer’s Association, the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America and Canon Professional Services.

She is available for contract, editorial, and assignment work.