Big thanks to the gang at Outdoor Hub for including me on their list of 7 Badass Outdoor Women to Follow on Instagram! Here’s what they had to say about my work:

Jess McGlothlin
It’s about the journey, not the destination. Jess McGlothlin captures the essence of this philosophy through her travel photography. She stays so focused on capturing these images that you’ll rarely see her step out from behind the lens. Many popular outdoor figures tend to focus on that glory shot, holding the trophy fish above the water’s surface, or basking in the full realm of emotions after a successful hunt. However, very few of them capture the little moments that build up to that pinnacle of the outing —a YETI cooler and a case of rods on their way to checked baggage; the rainbow of colored thread carefully displayed at the local fly shop; a pelican perched on a pylon; and the moment of anticipation when a hook is being baited, or a fly is being tied to the line.

Jess has taken text and photography both to task, with a large collection of contributions for print publications, calendars, websites, advertisements and travel guides. McGlothlin is as much a journalist as an angler, creating a visual with words and images like a modern-day lady Hemingway. Her website serves as a platform for her writing, imagery and media contributions. Check it out!”

As someone who are up reading The Sun Also Rises and For Whom the Bell Tolls, being likened to a “modern-day lady Hemingway” is heady praise. Thanks for the mention, Outdoor Hub!


Avoiding the Big Rivers: Summertime

by Fire Girl Jess on July 25, 2017

I’m usually not one for crowds. Give me a good group of small people and I’m happy; a big group of obnoxious people and I’m out of there. So summertime in southwest Montana presents significant challenges: if I want to go hit my favorite coffee shop downtown, I go at 7AM while the tourists are still sleeping it off. Hiking any of the trails near town involves a heavy amount of eye-rolling, and I’ll never cease to be amazed at the bad pickup lines in bars from guys just looking to “have a fun vacation.”

It also translates to the rivers. The Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone and many other larger rivers in the area become a veritable bumper-car scenario of recreational floaters and anglers. Rather than battle the crowds, it’s nice to hoof it up into the mountains, jump off the trail and get into the creeks. I had the chance yesterday to go play with my awesome sister-in-law Kaitlyn on a nearby creek. It was small but oh-so-cold water, and we both emerged with scrapes on our legs from bushwhacking, plenty of fish to hand and happy grins on our faces. There’s something soul-happy about casting three-weight fiberglass rods to small eager trout in icy cold water.

(These are all shot on my aged-but-still-kicking iPhone 5; the “good” images go into the database.)



Really happy to see this piece come to life on major travel lifestyle AFAR. May’s expedition with Apumayo Expediciones was one of the best water-based adventures I’ve had to date — thanks to the Peruvian team who made it happen!

Here’s an excerpt; read the full piece on

“The air is hot and heavy in the Peruvian Amazon, and when I take a deep breath it tastes of plants, decay, and sweat. Hot sub-tropical sun falls on my back as I trail my toes through the chocolate-brown water. Sweat drips down my face, and an ambitious sand fly lands on my neck, defying the layers of DEET I’ve applied in the hours since dawn. I slap it away and watch the water ahead as we seek out the best path for the SUP boarders trailing us.

I’m in the middle of the Amazon, floating down one of its several tributaries on this once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to Pepe Lopez. The founder of Cuzco-based Apumayo Expediciones, Lopez is our fearless leader on this expedition. On the surface, our mission is simple: to explore rivers near and in Peru’s Manu National Park to determine if it would be feasible to create a stand-up paddle board (SUP) adventure tourism program to showcase the area and the river.”


Chasing Smallmouth and SUPs on the John Day

by Fire Girl Jess on July 18, 2017

Fishing photography 101: learn to work at unusual desks.

It’s been a whirlwind of a month so far. I kicked off July with a trip with Mia and Marty Sheppard of Oregon’s Little Creek Outfitters, tackling a rather mellow multi-day float trip on the John Day River. Three days spent photographing gorgeous scenery, bountiful bass and laughing anglers while riding up stand-up paddleboard down the river was a good way to kick off the month! The “real” images are off to several magazine editors (these are iPhone shots in the post) — stay tuned for those stories!

(And who knew SUPs were such awesome mobile photography studios?!)

After the Oregon trip, I flew back to Bozeman for a few days before heading south to Orlando for the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show. I always love this show — it’s an awesome week of business, catching up with old friends, making new ones, and just generally a solid reminder of why we do what we do. Thanks to everyone who took the time to meet!

There are some very interesting projects underway… the rest of 2017 (and beyond) is going to be a wild ride.

The basics. Give me a fly rod, cameras and water and I’m happy.

Best place to crash after a long day on the water.


Interview in Poland’s Sztuka Łowienia

by Fire Girl Jess on July 8, 2017

Excited to see this interview come to life in the Polish fly-fishing magazine, Sztuka Łowienia. Fun to talk a bit about the work and why I work in this (sometimes… often…) crazy industry.

Thanks to Arek for reaching out with the opportunity (and for sending me these images of the magazine!)

I’ll be at IFTD / ICAST this coming week; look forward to seeing many of you there!


JH Summer Activities for Outside Bozeman

by Fire Girl Jess on June 22, 2017

Talking summer culture and adventure for Outside Bozeman this article in that ran today.

“Summer is well on its way. Time to spend as many hours outside as possible—bagging peaks, running rivers, and sleeping under the stars. Southwest Montana has more than its fair share of outdoor activities during the sunny season, but sometimes we just need to get out of town. No one wants to take the time for extended travel, but a quick break can be found close to home. Just four hours south, in fact, in Jackson Hole.

While our favorite time to visit Jackson is early spring or late autumn—therefore dodging the summer crowds—the mountain town still promises a lively escape June through August. And while the Teton hub offers plenty in the way of outdoor activities, sometimes we want a change of pace. If you’re looking to take in a bit of culture alongside your mountainside escapades, here are a few events worth your time.”


Bayou Rum on Chi Wulff’s Thirsty Thursday

by Fire Girl Jess on June 22, 2017

Something about craft spirits, made using local ingredients, is pretty cool. And when I walked into the Bayou Rum headquarters in Lacassine, Louisiana, a few weeks ago and immediately breathed in heavy, molasses-scented air, I knew there was something good happening.

Take a tour around Bayou Rum today on Chi Wulff.  And remember, rum might be the official drink of pirates, but it fits in pretty well on the river, too.