Matador Network: Peru’s Cloud Forest

by Fire Girl Jess on June 8, 2017

Stories from last month’s Peru trip are beginning to trickle out. Happy to see this photo essay come to life on Matador about the Cloud Forest — a very unique part of our journey into the jungle.

“Peru’s Cloud Forest, where highland clouds meet the jungle, is a day’s drive from Cusco and is one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots. Wayqecha, a biological station run by the Amazon Conservation Association (ACA), is the ideal home base while exploring this diverse ecosystem.

Here, the eastern slopes of the Andes meet the Amazonian lowlands. Tremendous climatic changes occur as the landscape sweeps from snow-capped mountains to the treeless plains and dry valleys of the altiplano, before a sudden descent into steep cloud forests and the broad expanse of the low-lying Amazon floodplain. This topographic complexity has resulted in an exceptional array of habitats sustaining a vast number of species.

We explored the Cloud Forest recently with Apumayo Expediciones and the team from Wayqecha. Here’s what we found.”

See the images here.

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